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Prof. A. H. Patel(author) M.Sc.(Microbiology) M.T.(ASCP) U.S.A.

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How we got started

Baroda Institute of Science located at Opp. Rajshree Cinema(Sayaji Gunj), Vadodara is the outcome of the dream of Prof. A. H. Patel. Prof. Patel had a desire to create an education system where a student with deprived background will get equal opportunity and motivation to learn and receive education in the area of Clinical Laboratory Science.As per Patel's experience in U.S.A., there is a shortage of Medical Laboratory Technologists,Medical Laboratory Assistants and Phlebotomists overseas.Prof. Patel has been trying to deliver education in this area as per American standards because Prof.Patel studied Medical Technology and ranked FIRST in the university in New Jersey,U.S.A

The dreamer and founder Prof Patel, associated with Medical Technology by profession, is down to earth person with human values by childhood and family experience, an achiever and leader, an educational entrepreneur, and a well-known author knows how to translate his dream to reality. He analyzed and observed very keenly the changing global scenario here and abroad and its demand in education system especially in the paramedical science identified as Medical Laboratory Technology field. With this in mind, the best education facility, including student laboratory for practical experience, has been created in Vadodara to prepare students as skilled professionals and technocrats to serve the society and nation with dedication, values and fulfil the demand of pathological laboratories.
Baroda Institute of Science, Opp. Rajshree Cinema, Vadodara strongly prepares Medical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Laboratory Assistants and Phlebotomists capable of meeting the rapidly changing needs and challenges at home and abroad namely U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Australia ,etc.at large. All subjects are taught using a power point method.

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Course Contents

Course contents: Blood Banking;Clinical Microbiology,Hematology,Clinical Chemistry,Body Fluids and Misc.

N.B.Tutoring in microbiology for nursing and other students available at Office address i.e. passaic,New Jersey.


Class policy

Cell phones must be silent; Minimum 3 absences(Missed lectures will be covered by Prof.A.H.patel at Passaic,New Jersey with an appointment);Punctuality: Need to participate in a group discussion.

Class Venue

OPEN CENTER : E22 30 th St. Madison Ave.New York,NY

Class Schedule

Sat. and Sun evenings.

Extra help

Upon student's request,Prof.A.H.Patel will provide free help with an appointment,provided student(s) make arrangement to come at Passaic,New Jersey

Refund Policy

Under no circumstances,coaching fees will be refunded for the review program


  • Coaching fees and method of payment: $2,500/ for the whole review program.

  • Only money orders in the name of Arvind H.Patel ,cashier cheque or cash will be accepted.

  • $300 discount is offered for those applicants who register before Nov.25,2016!!!!

Registration Form format

Following is the registration form format. Please sent these details to apatel414@yahoo.com

# Registration Form format

Name of applicant


Employer Name and address


Phone number


E-mail address


Current license(if any)




Work Experience as a Medical Laboratory Technician or Medical technologist)

Achievements of Prof. A.H.Patel...

“To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. (From an introductory speech at a session of the Académie Française, December 24, 1896)” ― Anatole France, Works of Anatole France

“B.Sc in Microbiology”

Bachelor of Science India

“M.Sc in Microbiology”

Master of Science India

“Research Fellow.”

M.S University(Department of Biochemistry)

“Medical Technology”

University of medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey(UMDNJ)


Degree From U.S.A., Board of Registry-ASCP, Authorship

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